amoCRM: form

amoCRM: form

The package "AmoCRM: form" integrates amoCRM form into your Joomla! site in just few clicks. Contains module "amoCRM: form" and plugin "Ajax - amoCRM: form".


System requirements:

  • Joomla! >=3.3
  • cURL support in PHP


  • install the package "amoCRM: form"
  • enable the plugin "Ajax - amoCRM: form"

Configuring the module:

  • create module "amoCRM: form"
  • in the "Subdomain" field, enter the subdomain of your amoCRM account
  • in the "Email" field enter the email address of the user amoCRM (the user must have administrator rights)
  • enter the user's password in the "Password" field
  • click on the "Log in" button to log in
  • select the pipeline in which your form is located in amoCRM
  • select the form created in amoCRM
  • set the position, module assignment and other standard parameters of the Joomla! module
  • click on the "Save" button

To delete the data for authorization, click the "Log out" button in the module settings. This does not affect the operation of the module on the site.